XL Glitter Spike Lashes

$32.00 AUD


Add some sparkle into your lash sets with these Glitter Spikes!

Glitter Spike Info:

  • C & D Curls
  • 400 glitter spikes per tray
  • 5D 0.07 diameter individual spikes
  • Mixed length mega trays 10mm - 17mm
  • Highest quality raw, Korean PBT materials are used
  • All products are animal cruelty free + vegan friendly 
  • Aluminium backing & easily removed from trays

Glitter Combination:

2x 10mm Silver 1x 11mm Silver 2x 11mm Pink 1x 12mm Pink 2x 12mm Red 2x 13mm Gold 2x 13mm Brown 3x 14mm Purple 2x 15mm Blue 1x 16mm Blue 1x 16mm Green 1x 17mm Green


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