Shipping Policies

POSTAGE: All parcels are lodged and transported via Australia Post. For all delivery times, please visit their website


SAME DAY SHIPPING: Has now been implemented on all orders made made before 12 noon each business day.

All orders made outside of this time will be processed & shipped the following business day.

No orders will be processed or shipped during weekends.



Any orders containing adhesive (glue) will not be shipped on a Friday or prior to a public holiday unless an Express parcel. We wish to maintain the adhesive's integrity and avoid any prolonged exposure to environmental elements during shipment that may degrade the product.



Once an order has been lodged with Australia Post, LaviLash Wholesale are no longer liable for lost, stolen or misplaced packages. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure all contact and delivery information is correct.

Should your parcel go missing, it is your responsibility to lodge a claim but we will also assist where possible.

For all services within Australia via Australia Post, where Extra Cover was not purchased, compensation is up to a maximum of $50 and a refund of postage may be payable, or Australia Post may elect to repair or replace the item up to $50 value, at their absolute discretion.

If, for whatever reason, your order is returned to us, we will be in contact as soon as possible. It will be the responsibility of yourself to finalise an additional shipping payment before your goods will attempt any additional delivery. It is your responsibility to provide us with your correct shipping details. We do not take any responsibility for your order being sent to an incorrect address provided. 


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