Lash Nano Mister

$28.99 AUD


Our Lash Nano Mister sprays a fine mist over the lashes and reduces the time it takes to cure adhesives from 24-48 hrs to around 10 hours. This means your clients can expose their lashes to water and exercise sooner than usual. 

The shock curing/polymerisation process also helps to reduce redness and swelling by eliminating fumes from the lash adhesive faster than usual.

  • Speeds up Curing Process
  • Reduces Reactions
  • USB Chargeable


Directions of use:

  • Ensure device is charged and filled with distilled water before use.
  • Following lash application thoroughly dry the clients lashes and then hold the nano mister around 20-30cm from the clients lashes.
  • Slide down the bottom part of the nano mister and gently sway from side to side ensuring the mist covers your clients lashes.
  • The device will automatically shut off after the recommended time of 30 seconds.



  • Pink/White
  • White/Pink
  • Purple/White
  • Aqua/White
  • Black Geo (NEW)
  • Gold Geo (NEW)
  • White Geo (NEW)
  • Pink Geo (NEW)
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