Non-Woven Lash Tape

$3.50 AUD


The NEWEST tape design to enter the lash industry and is a must have for all technicians. Our new non-woven lash tape is more advanced than that of the 3M Blue tape.

This non-woven lash tape delivers a non-slip, ultimate grip design, with a new breathable material which can hold moistures. It’s also designed to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic to sensitive skin types.



  • Secure gel eye pads
  • If client is sensitive, use to replace gel eye pads
  • Tape-back eye lids


Helpful Hint:

Use over gel pads, or to anchor on to the eye area for the lift of upper lashes.


Tape Length: 9m

Tape Material: Polyolefin film 

Colours: Green - Pink - Purple


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