Unicorn Dreams Coloured Classic Lash Trays

$25.00 AUD


New design, Unicorn Dreams Coloured Classic Lash Trays in single lengths are finally here! 


  • Mixed colours in a single tray
  • Raw Korean PBT Lash Materials
  • Flat Classic Lash Bases
  • C + D Curl Trays 
  • 12mm | 13mm | Mixed Lengths
  • 0.07 Individual Lash Thickness
  • Extremely Soft
  • 12 row trays
  • Easy Pick-up


2x White | 2x Pink | 1x Red | 1x Orange | 1x Brown | 2x Purple | 1x Deep Blue | 1x Green

Mixed Lengths:

1x White 10mm | 1x White 11mm | 2x Pink 11mm | 1x Red 12mm | 1x Orange 12mm | 1x Brown 12mm | 2x Purple 13mm | 2x 14mm Deep Blue | 1x Green 15mm  

🌿 Vegan Friendly

🐰 Animal Cruelty Free

♻️ Eco Packaging


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