XXL 5D Pro Point Colour Lashes (White)

$28.00 USD $38.00 USD

Our new XXL 5D Pro Point Colour Lash trays support a mega 600 individual fans!

Each fan has a narrow, pointed base and are all made from the rawest Korean PBT materials, making them extremely robust, durable lightweight. 

The benefits of using raw Korean PBT materials for our lashes is that they will always maintain their curl, there are no added chemicals and therefore they're suitable for the most sensitive of clients. The lashes are the darkest on the market as they are at their rawest form. Being a raw material means that the lashes will adhere to the natural lash with any lash adhesive which increases retention times.

Each lash fan has been individually hand made and are heat bonded at the bases. Therefore, there is no added gelling agents at the fan base, maintaining our lashes lightweight integrity.

Single length trays contain:

  • 600 Fans
  • 20 rows per tray
  • Pro Point fan base
  • 5D fan type in the colour WHITE
  • 0.07 individual lash thickness
  • Rawest Korean PBT Lash Materials used
  • Easy pick up without breakage of the fans
  • No pesky residue at the bases upon pickup 

🌿 Vegan Friendly

🐰 Animal Cruelty Free

♻️ Eco Friendly Packaging


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