Microfoam Tape (XL)

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Microfoam Tape (XL) 5cm x 3m

This microfilm tape is used by eyelash technicians to cover the lower, natural eyelashes and/or to tape the client's eyelids during eyelash extension application. The microfoam tape is durable and can stretch in all directions, making it an extremely comfortable, hypoallergenic, elastic foam tape.


  • Size: XL 5cm x 3m
  • Colour: White
  • Structure: extremely sticky under surface (stays in place without needing to tape down) and an elastic foam upper surface (easy to detach extensions that may become stuck during application).
  • Comfortable choice for clients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Acts as a barrier to wanter and contamination 

All of our eyelash extensions are made from the rawest Korean PBT materials and are not thinned or stripped with any nasty chemicals. Therefore, they bond better with all lash adhesives. Each individual lash is darker (raw), plus our lashes will maintain their curl and aren't prone to breakages over time. If you are using our Pre-Made or Pro-Made (-Point) Fans, they are extremely sturdy and will never close on themselves throughout the application process.