Glue Rescue Packs

$4.00 USD

One product you didn't realise you needed until now! Keep your adhesive as fresh and as clean as possible with our Glue Rescue Pack!

Ever had your client laying in front of you, ready to start lashing and you find your only adhesive has been fused shut from the cap! Don't panic, we are here to save you! With this pack, you'll be able to maintain your adhesives nozzle, keep it clean and replace the nozzle as often as you need. This will maintain the longevity of your adhesive and eliminate any unwanted stresses (caused from what's mentioned above).

Kit Contents:

10x Lint free nozzle wipes

10x Nozzle pins

10x Nozzle replacements

1x Zip lock bags


  • Pink combination
  • White combination


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