Glass Heart Adhesive Tile

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Colour Pink Glass

The cutest way to apply your adhesive dots using our reusable, Glass Heart Adhesive Tile. Each tile is made with 12 heart shaped wells to apply each glue dot into. 

The glass maintains a consistently cooler temperature to plastic, and therefore maintains an even curing adhesive dot. Once you're ready to reuse, simply soak in acetone and remove the adhesive dots. Make sure to disinfect with a 70% isopropyl alcohol before next use.


  • Pink
  • White

All of our eyelash extensions are made from the rawest Korean PBT materials and are not thinned or stripped with any nasty chemicals. Therefore, they bond better with all lash adhesives. Each individual lash is darker (raw), plus our lashes will maintain their curl and aren't prone to breakages over time. If you are using our Pre-Made or Pro-Made (-Point) Fans, they are extremely sturdy and will never close on themselves throughout the application process.