LaviLash 90 Degree "Boot" Tweezers

$14.00 USD

LaviLash Stainless Steel Gold Plated 90 Degree "Boot" Tweezers

Designed by LaviLash Wholesale and produced to be of the highest quality stainless steel, resistant against most acids and corrosive agents, rust-proof and wear resistant.

Each tweezer comes with a plastic protective tube casing and a rubber tip to avoid damaging the tweezer tip and avoid accidental stabbing. 

  • Application Tweezers: These tweezers demonstrate their signature sturdy grip, non-slip design with our favourite popping pink to make every lash image instantly instagram ready! These tweezers are ideal for volume eyelash extensions, making it easy to create perfect symmetry for each volume fan or assist with easily picking up pre-made lashes. 

LaviLash tweezers are perfectly designed to fit comfortably between your finger tips, without straining during application. Their sharp tip allows for the highest precision for efficient application.

Colours: Gold tweezer with pink coating

Design: Baby Boot | Sharp Boot


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