4D L Curl Premade Lashes | Acrylic Trays

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Thickness 0.10
Curl L Curl
Length 8mm

The L-Curl eyelash extensions provide several benefits for lash artists and their clients. The main advantages are:

1. Natural-looking lift: L-Curl extensions have a gentle, natural curve that mimics the shape of natural lashes, providing a subtle lift to the eyes without appearing overly dramatic.

2. Improved retention: The unique L-shaped design allows for better adhesion to the natural lashes, leading to improved retention and longer-lasting extensions.

3. Enhanced durability: Due to their specific shape, L-Curl extensions are less likely to lose their curl over time, making them ideal for clients who want a long-lasting, consistent look.

4. Suitable for straight lashes: L-Curl extensions work well on clients with straight or downward-pointing natural lashes, as they help create a more lifted and open-eyed appearance.

5. Comfort for clients: The L-Curl extensions sit close to the lash line and feel comfortable on the eyes, making them a popular choice for clients who seek a seamless and comfortable wear.

However, it's essential for lash artists to consider the client's natural lash condition, eye shape, and desired look before selecting any type of eyelash extensions, including L-Curl.

All of our eyelash extensions are made from the rawest Korean PBT materials and are not thinned or stripped with any nasty chemicals. Therefore, they bond better with all lash adhesives. Each individual lash is darker (raw), plus our lashes will maintain their curl and aren't prone to breakages over time. If you are using our Pre-Made or Pro-Made (-Point) Fans, they are extremely sturdy and will never close on themselves throughout the application process.