Why LaviLash use Korean PBT materials for their lashes

August 08, 2021

Why LaviLash use Korean PBT materials for their lashes

What is PBT? 

PBT (polybutylene Terephthalate), traditionally developed in Korea, is a synthetic semi-crystalline engineered thermoplastic. PBT is a high-performance material, composed of a large molecular weight and a reputation for being extremely strong, flexible and resilient.

PBT creates natural looking lashes with a beautiful soft, glossy sheen which doesn't lose curl. PBT is a hypoallergenic material, meaning it reduces any risk of an allergic reaction on the human skin compared to other eyelash extension materials. These raw materials are able to hold heat better, maintaining their curl without disruption.

While you may not have heard of the term PBT, you would've heard of synthetic silk or synthetic faux mink lashes. These are names manufacturers have come up with to make PBT sound more appealing.

Raw PBT is a much more expensive material compared to that of Chinese made lash materials. This cheaper form of lash material is lower in quality, additional bulking agents are added to produce a larger quantity, therefore increasing the risk of an allergic reaction from the additional chemicals. Due to this, these materials are less inclined to hold heat and can easily lose curl, are stiff/rigid and can snap off. Chinese made lash materials are a lot cheaper to purchase compared to raw Korean PBT lash materials, so if purchasing, keep an eye out for this.


Raw Korean PBT:
  • Obtain a consistently high quality PBT 
  • Hold their curl and resistant to heat
  • Hypoallergenic material (low risk of an allergic reaction)
  • Less likely to break or lose curl in high humidity environments, over high temperature cooktops, etc
  • Highly flexible and soft material
  • Bond better with eyelash extension adhesives
  • More expensive material 
Chinese PBT:
  • Added chemicals and bulking agents
  • More likely to snap/break and lose their curl
  • Thinner and lesser quality lashes are produced 
  • Higher risk of an allergic reaction due to the added chemicals
  • Cheaper cost
  • Difficult for lash adhesives to bond with on the natural lash = poor retention

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