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Our newest and most exciting product has finally hit our shelves & now SUPERSIZED!!

The LaviLash MEGA Bonder has been specially developed to provide additional elasticity to your applied eyelash extensions. This MEGA Bonder can be applied and used with any adhesive. It’s ingredients will rapidly cure from the outside, without causing the affects of “shock curing” (extensions and adhesive turning white due to the curing process being activated with moisture too quickly).


  1. Once you’ve completed the application process of your client’s eyelash extensions, you will need to wait 2-3 minutes. 
  2. Take a clean MicroBrush and apply a small amount of the Super Bonder (do not soak).
  3. Apply to the bases of the eyelash extensions with a sweeping motion.
  4. Important: allow for the MEGA Bonder to dry. Do not rush to fan dry or nano mist (wait 2 minutes).

Do you need to Nano Mist?

  • If you use the MEGA Bonder, you do not need a nano mister.
  • If you wish to use a nano mister (out of habit), use it after you’ve applied the MEGA Bonder. Remember to wait for the MEGA Bonder to dry.
  • Never put the MEGA Bonder formula into your nano mister.

The DON’Ts:

  • Don’t use too much of the MEGA Bonder as it’ll be ineffective and weaken the already applied adhesive.
  • Make sure your room does not exceed 75% humidity. Adhesives will not cure in this environment and therefore the MEGA Bonder will not work either.

Size: 30ml

Formula Colour: Clear

Bottle Colours: Soft Pink | Hot Pink | Purple

Ingredients: Ethanol, Water, Titanate, Trimethoxysilane, Sodium Gluconate

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All of our eyelash extensions are made from the rawest Korean PBT materials and are not thinned or stripped with any nasty chemicals. Therefore, they bond better with all lash adhesives. Each individual lash is darker (raw), plus our lashes will maintain their curl and aren't prone to breakages over time. If you are using our Pre-Made or Pro-Made (-Point) Fans, they are extremely sturdy and will never close on themselves throughout the application process.