Crystal Pink Glue

$31.00 USD


Our newest adhesive to hit our shelves! Not only is this new adhesive crystal clear, but it's in our signature pink for some cuteness overload!

Suitable for eyelash extension application, though making any coloured lash application much more subtle at the lash base.

The Crystal Pink Glue still offers great retention and also composed of low sensitivity ingredients, making this adhesive suitable for those highly sensitive clients.

Best suited for use on coloured lash extensions, lash decals and clients who have allergies to the carbon black ingredient in original lash adhesives.


Size: 5ml

Colour: Clear/Pink

Sensitivity: Sensitive+

Drying time: 1 - 2 seconds

Retention time: 6+ weeks

Recommended temperature: 18-26'C

Recommended humidity: RH 50-70%

Latex Free + Formaldehyde Free + Carbon Black Free

Storage (opened): 1 - 2 months once opened

Storage (unopened): 6 months stored in a dry, cool dark environment 


FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY Crystal Clear Glue is a professional product and is meant to ONLY be used by professionals. This product is not suitable for strip lashes and can only be used for eyelash extensions.


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