Advanced Eyelash Extension Training Mannequin

$42.00 USD


Welcome the newest training tool ready to turn your training experience upside down. Say goodbye to the original, cheap plastic mannequin head, synthetic training lash strips and the pressure of working on live models - which is now limited during our new current climate!

The LaviLash® Mannequin eyelids are designed with real human hair as lashes, replacing the original synthetic training lash strips. Not only does this take training to the next level, though allows your students or yourself to practice on one of the most  realistic eyelash on the market today. Real human hair is used to ensure a more accurate experience whilst practising and/or training.



- Realistic eyelid movement to assist with tape techniques

- Human hair to optimise training/practicing with a more accurate experience

- Mannequin and eyelids replicate the feeling of real human skin

- Offer advanced training at your salon without the need of live models


Please note: Over time, the Mannequin's eyelids will need to be replaced. We do stock replacements for purchase listed under "Replacement Advanced Eyelash Training Eyelids"


1x 1 Pair replacement eyelids included in the head

1x 3 Pair replacement eyelid pack included with the head 

Total added value = $45.00


Our Used (Second Hand) Head:

Note that this training head has been used by our students during training sessions. There are marks on the face and under the eyes due to use. Please note that you have read this disclaimer and are aware of the imperfections post use, hence the heavily discounted, second hand pricing. 



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