5D L Curl Premade Lashes (DISCONTINUED)

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Thickness 0.07
Length 8mm
Tray Style Acrylic Tray

The L-Curl eyelash extensions provide several benefits for lash artists and their clients. The main advantages are:

1. Natural-looking lift: L-Curl extensions have a gentle, natural curve that mimics the shape of natural lashes, providing a subtle lift to the eyes without appearing overly dramatic.

2. Improved retention: The unique L-shaped design allows for better adhesion to the natural lashes, leading to improved retention and longer-lasting extensions.

3. Enhanced durability: Due to their specific shape, L-Curl extensions are less likely to lose their curl over time, making them ideal for clients who want a long-lasting, consistent look.

4. Suitable for straight lashes: L-Curl extensions work well on clients with straight or downward-pointing natural lashes, as they help create a more lifted and open-eyed appearance.

5. Comfort for clients: The L-Curl extensions sit close to the lash line and feel comfortable on the eyes, making them a popular choice for clients who seek a seamless and comfortable wear.

However, it's essential for lash artists to consider the client's natural lash condition, eye shape, and desired look before selecting any type of eyelash extensions, including L-Curl.

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