LaviLash Queen Glue

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LaviLash Queen Glue is designed for the professional lash artist seeking the greatest retention. Our newly improved formula is an industry leader in retention, offering an amazing 7+ weeks when used by top eyelash professionals. This adhesive can be used for both classic and volume lash applications. 


Size: 5ml

Colour: Black

Sensitivity: Low Fume 

Drying time: 0.3 or 0.5 seconds

Retention time: 7-8 weeks

Recommended temperature: 18-26'C

Recommended humidity: RH 50-70%

Latex Free + Formaldehyde Free

Storage (opened): 1 - 2 months once opened

Storage (unopened): 6 months stored in a dry, cool dark environment 

Current Batch Dates:

  • Manufactured: 18th October 2023
  • Expiry: 18th April 2024

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY LaviLash Queen Glue is a professional product and is meant to ONLY be used by professionals. This product is not suitable for strip lashes, or DIY lashes and can only be used for eyelash extensions by professionally trained technicians.

MEDICAL ALERT: This product should never be applied when eyes are open. Make sure eyes are always closed to avoid corneal burn. If burning occurs, flush eyes immediately with a sterile saline solution and seek medical attention. This product is a chemical and should be used with extreme precaution by a trained professional.

CURRENT 0.5s GLUE SALE: this batch only has 2 months remaining on it’s shelf life. It can certainly stretch to 3 months, however when it nears this time, we prefer to sell the freshest as possible. Therefore, these bottles are all half price for a quick sale.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chloe Stratigos
The products and the amazing customer service

Let’s jus start with, I have been looking around for lash supply companies for a while now and I will never be buying from anywhere else but your company. The most sweetest staff and jus the package it all came in was so beautifully wrapped with care. The products I ordered are such good quality I’m so in love and I will be ordering more 🥹

donya hamed
My favourite glue ever!

This formula where do i even begin! The amount of clients i’ve had who have been shocked when they’ve opened their eyes after receiving lash extensions and found that they have no burning sensations, no redness or irritation around their eye area.

I genuinely love this glue and i dont think anything will top off the is glue. Will always repurchase

Tia Clark
My fav & only supplier!

I did a course recently and my educator started me off with LaviLash supplies & I have continued on with them for months due to the high quality and affordability. I have had 0 issues and absolutely love.

Thank you so much Tia! Tara is such an amazing educator and so happy you trained with her. I will always look after you as a customer and thank you so much for your support

Desiree Lake

Absolutely love lavi lash supplies, every product from them is absolutely amazing and so affordable especially as a beginner lash tech still trying to build clients and get profit ect highly recommend lavi lash Gueen glue so easy to work with And the package is the cutest

Georgina Evans
Amazing Products!

I’m still yet to use the lash extensions but everything else has been amazing! I LOVE your glue.

Can't wait to hear back on what you think about our lashes! So glad you love the glue! It's our pride & joy formula Keep an eye out as we have a NEW faster speed formulated glue on the way!

All of our eyelash extensions are made from the rawest Korean PBT materials and are not thinned or stripped with any nasty chemicals. Therefore, they bond better with all lash adhesives. Each individual lash is darker (raw), plus our lashes will maintain their curl and aren't prone to breakages over time. If you are using our Pre-Made or Pro-Made (-Point) Fans, they are extremely sturdy and will never close on themselves throughout the application process.